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Automats and semi-automats for cutting and sewing.

We believe that hi-tech solutions are the driving force of modern societies.

KODERA offers automats and semi-automats for wire cutting and crimping.

01. KODERA CASTING semi and full automats

Small size is their advantage. Ideally suited for harnessing various types of conductors - small, medium and thick diameters, single and multi-core, as well as those difficult to strip. Retrofitting is avaliable.

CASTING semiautomats - watch the video

02. KODERA CASTUGNON semi and full automats

Characterized by high quality wire cutting and crimping with a force of up to 3 tons (depending on the model and thickness of the cable). It allows to control the insertion strength in real time. The machine works with all applicators available n 40 mm pitch. Retrofitting is avaliable.

Wire Solutions Customer about the CASTUGNON series machine - watch the video

Wire Solutions is the only certified representative of the KODERA brand in Poland and neighboring countries.

03. The offer

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us directly. We evalue the product basing on the individual solutions addressed to the client's needs. After offer acceptance, we expect 50% prepayment by placing the order and 50% before the shipment. We deliver the product to the client's premises. Usually it takes from 4 to 8 weeks. We also offer free training for 1-2 employees about the operation of the device. There is a possibility of retrofitting.

We deliver the product to the client’s premises. Usually it takes from 4 to 8 weeks. We also offer free training for 1-2 employees about the operation of the device. There is a possibility of retrofitting.

04. Lease offer

Do you want to develop your business and at the same time not fully engage your funds? Are you a company that is just starting its business and does not have sufficient financial resources? You can use one of our options, which is the purchase of machines in the form of leasing.

05. GMG components

For over 40 years, GMG has been producing parts of electrical and electronic connection systems in Italy as well as custom made embossed components.

The manufacturer’s offer includes: a wide range of cable connector terminals, deep-drawn parts, rivets and customised products.

GMG products are distinguished by:

– High quality, certificates such as UL
– Single and chain cable terminals, reels are layered with paper (the terminals do not catch on themselves while unwinding)
– Low rate of complaint (close to zero)
– Innovative production technologies: “low insertion” technology
– Made of various materials, eg brass, tinned brass, bronze, tinned bronze, nickel plated iron, stainless steel, alpaca


All products are created in Padwa, Italy.

GMG’s news!

We have a pleasure to announce the success of an Italian manufacturer GMG, which despite of the difficult global situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has successfully completed the certification processes for new products. We are talking about steel terminals, dedicated for white goods, heating and automotive industries. For devices exposed to high temperatures (e.g. ovens, ovens, heaters, engines in vehicles).

UL certificates obtained for Non-insulated quick-connect connectors for steel tabs, with the following catalogue numbers: 30000.40.011, 30001.40.011, 35192.40.011, 35198.40.011, 35199.40.011, 35200.40.011 and 35197.40.011. Please follow this link to check out these products.

Just to remind you: what is UL certification? (Underwriters Laboratories) This document confirms that demanding safety standards are met by the product. Certifications is granted by an independent organization that performs safety and compliance tests accordingly with international product standards. UL is also a prestigious distinction of having one of the most respected product safety standards. It enables legitimate sales to Canadian and US markets.

Feel free to contact us for more info about GMG’s offer.

A proven solutions for KODERA machines and semi-automatic machines

The selection of cable terminals depends on the customer. Various reels will fit the KODERA products.

Nevertheless, we can confirm that GMG terminals are a very good choice.

Our clients who have chosen innovative KODERA solutions to streamline processes use components from GMG manufacturer with success.

GMG reels (depending on the model) are layered with paper, which helps to unwind the terminals without catching each other. Layering with paper protects terminals, and prevents defects that could damage the mini-applicators.

The last terminal is only slightly attached to the plastic element of the reel (no tabs, paper clips, etc.), which does not cause any problems in the production process.

The number of terminals on the reel has been optimally selected, that the reels do not break during scrolling.

company presentation

terminals and connectors production

moulding production processes


Technical and tooling department

Finished goods warehouse

materials for production

quality controll

galvanising treatment

maintenance and mold conservation department

06. COMTEC components

The company COMTEC Srl was founded in 1983 in Italy, producing high quality machines for the company serving the segment of cable harness producers.

The most popular COMTEC products are the mini-applicators.

They are characterized by high quality and they be easly adapted to the specific needs of the client.

A proven solution
Just like GMG terminals, COMTEC applicators are a proven component for KODERA products. We can confirm that compatibility after checking in practice during internal tests, as well as on our clients’ machines.

07. MECAL components

Another Italian company in the Wire Solutions portfolio.

Founded in 1976 in Italy, Mecal s.r.l. from the very beginning provided deliveries on the market of wire harnesses the highest quality crimping equipment. Within 40 years Mecal has achieved the position of a leading producer of aplicators and crimping presses. Mecal products are widely used in the automotive, railway, cable harnesses and wherever connections meet with the highest standards and are required.

Highly qualified company staff, modern and rational production structure, as well as continuous investment in new technologies allows to maintain quality at a consistently high level. All components and parts are produced at the Mecal plant, which influences on the possibility of full control of each production step and maintaining a competitive price level.

08. HANKE components

CRIMPMATIC 600 press

CRIMPMATIC 601 press

HANKE CRIMPMATIC 601 Splice press

CRIMPMATIC 602 press

CRIMPMATIC 603 press


09. Contact

Please contact us for more details. Wire Solutions is the exclusive rrepresentative of the KODERA, COMTEC and GMG brands on Polish market.

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